(1) Simultaneous Discoveries

How is it that two or more people in different places are working on the same topic and getting the same answer? Is it purely accidental?

(2) EyeLip Gels, Natural Eye Makeup RemoversEyeLip Emulsions

Use of eye gels and lip gels and their benefits

(3) The Thinking Tank Online

It is truly amazing how many super intellectuals we have in our civilizations and societies. It is indeed interesting how many Think Tanks exist to utilize all these advanced minds. Should you join a Think Tank, are you smart enough to cut the mustard?

(4) Which Cooking Knife Set Should You Choose?

It can be difficult to know which knife that is most suitable for you and your purposes. Here are some good advice and tips that hopefully can help you find just the knife for you. Do not forget that

(5) BBQ cleaning made easy

As the barbecue season begins, our attention is turned to the chore of cleaning the barbecue grill. This barbecue cleaning guide offers useful hints and tips to make the process of cleaning your barbe

(6) FanHouse Interview:Plaxico Writes a Book

I will not expect a good offer when I pay attention to that an athlete is arriving out possessing a book. I will not use a good offer to bottom this on, as I've in no way look at an athlete&a

(7) More Information On Laser Hair Removal-00-744

When you eventually tire from all those depilatory creams that have you hair growing right back, you can try laser hair removal. I mean, it iss only the latest

(8) 10 Biggest Mistakes Made When Trying to Lose Weight

This article highlights some issues that individuals face when trying to lose weight.With so much false information out there it is hard to tell what will actually help you get the pounds off.This art

(9) Health ; Fitness Centre ZONE 1

Why get fit and healthy? Helping to bring balance to your life Have more energyBeing around someone who is buzzing with energy is infectious, isn't it? That is because energy is like electric

(10) A Secret to Courage in the Face of Adversity or Authority----Being Brave When All Men Doubt You

Overcome the fear of speaking up for yourself. Learn the secret of bravery, of confidence. It is a secret that few know and use, but it is powerful enough to make those who know it, stand out as since

(11) Learning the Art of Being Still

Whenever you are amidst spiritual warfare or when a crisis arises, it is important that you seek and learn to "be still". Being still does not mean that you are unconcerned or oblivious to what is going on, or simply just doing nothing. Nor is it some delusional state of unconsciousness of

(12) Healing Your Inner Child With Hypnotherapy

By accessing holographic consciousness in the sphere of hypnosis and working with the inner result, we can heal seats someplace our psychological development was arrested for the reason that of unmet

(13) Personal Leadership - Fine Tuning the Self

Self discipline is the key in a leader's life. A system should be developed so that the maximum level of performance energy can be achieved. One has to manage oneself first. For this we need to fine tune ourselves both physically and mentally. Setting good habits are very important and it direc

(14) The Cross of Planning:Ending the Era of RulesRegulations

We are in the final stages of the Cross of Planning. This is evidenced by the increasing number of rules and regulations being imposed on people the world over. Before we enter the next phase - the Cross of the Sleeping Phoenix, are you willing to find out who you really are? Are you willing to be p

(15) 4* Proven Time-Tested Secrets that will Extinguish Fear Out of Your Life NOW!

We live in the most multi-tasking, confused, dysfunctional, depressed world knownto mankind. Do you realize that? Everyone is so busy doing absolutely nothing productive,and they wonder why they aren&

(16) Grandma Hystad's Recipes, Drinks, Bar mixes, FoodCooking Tips

My article brings you fascinating and delicious recipes from age-old favorites to specialty dishes. Using simple ingredients found in most homes, these cherished recipes return to basics offering easy

(17) Understanding What Depression Is -How to Stop It Quickly

We all get fed up to varying degrees from time to time about some events in our lives but depression is much more intense than that. If you, or someone you know, is suffering from a number of the symptoms from the list below, then it is likely that it has become depression.

(18) Methods You Must Know If You Ever Need To Stand A Likelihood Of Getting A Flat Abdomen With 6-pack A

Beneath is an interview that I did with world-well-known trainer and Men's Health Magazine Coaching Advisor, Craig Ballantyne as he grilled me on the top secrets and techniques for fat loss and 6 pack abs. Test it out...

(19) Cape Cod Canal - Raking Leaves Isn't So Bad (For Some)

Walking along the Cape Cod Canal is one of my rituals. I am fortunate to meet and talk with many people, especially at either end of my walk. One day I stopped to help a group of guys raking leaves around the Aptucxet Trading post. I was well into the project when finding out it was someone else&apo

(20) Gourmet Soup at Home

This article covers the basics of gourmet soup making as well as providing you with my 2 favorite recipes. It also has some helpful cooking and grilling tips.

(21) Seeing the Invisible Christ Through Spiritual Perception - From the Crystal Sea - Part 11

The scriptures tell us that "we have the Mind of Christ" (1st Corinthians 2:16), but the Mind of Christ is not in the brain, and in my own spiritual experience, I had not understood how to let the Mind of Christ be my own mind. Our goal in these explorations is to locate 'the Mind of

(22) Introduction to the Most Holy Rosary of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Do you need motivation to pray your rosary? Have you lost some of your fervor? The aim of this course is, admittedly, to convince you to pray the Rosary. The Rosary combines vocalized prayer with meditative prayer and in a sense it is as ancient as Christianity itself. Read this article and fall in

(23) How to turn goal setting into goal achieving

2013 is fast approaching, are you willing to unleash the creative power of your dreams and allow them to project the kind of business you want to have and the quality of life you want to lead. Now is

(24) Age New Spirituality - Spirituality Interview (Q6)

Yanik Silver:Excellent.All right let me play devil's advocate and if I'm listening to this program and I'm barely able to meet my needs, paycheck to paycheck, as you know, I'm living paycheck to paycheck and all this sounds well and good, but you know you're well-off, John,

(25) Behind the Scenes in Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood

Fred Rogers taught me how to communicate in the most profound and affecting way—heart to heart, soul to soul. He not only showed me how to convey messages through direct transmission, he modeled how t

(26) Trifala for Healthcare

Triphala is one of the most amazing remedial mixtures.Cleanse your body from the inside out and get rid of toxins together with all the chemicals that come from food and polluted air with the help of

(27) Fitness Foods

Before you go to the gym today, you have got to read this! Did you know there are some foods out there that will actually help you cut calories faster and help strengthen your muscles so they are less prone to workout injuries? Find out what are the best foods to eat before you head out to the gym.

(28) What Does It Take to Have Successful End-Of-Life Conversations?

Why would we sacrifice a day in someone's end-of-life for a presumed better tomorrow? Let's stop pretending we don't know what to say and do in end-of-life situations. Let's begin asking about, and telling what we "know in our hearts." If we do, everyone will be happier

(29) Question Authority When that Feeling in Your Stomach is Stronger than the Thoughts in Your Head

Growing up there was one thing one never did and that was to question authority.If someone was older, they were right.If they were an adult and I was just the kid, they were right.If they were elected or appointed by some group for some reason, they were right.If they were a minister, priest or even

(30) Pressure Sores - When Traditional Treatment Doesn't Work

The story of one woman's battle with pressure sores and the miracle she found to save her foot. After months of no response with traditional pressure sore medication, a radio talk show gave her an answer she was looking for. Read about her journey and the homeopathic remedy everyone dealing wit

(31) Healthy Living for African Christian Women - Spirituality, LifestyleMedicine

Health is defined as physical, mental and emotional well-being and not just the absence of disease or infirmity. It is the total feeling of wellness in body and in mind. 3John 1:2 says "Beloved, I pray that you may get along well in every way and may enjoy good health just as your soul is prosp

(32) Nutritional Authority David Wolfe Shares Important Diet Information

This interview is an excerpt from Kevin Gianni's Fountain of Youth Summit, which can be found at http://fountainofyouthworldsummit.com. In this excerpt, David Wolfe shares the experiences that led him

(33) Hypnotherapy Today

Hypnosis has been used as a therapeutic tool for centuries, but only in the past 60 years have the clinical applications been shown. The use of hypnosis by the medical community has increased, partly as a result of a growing awareness of hypnotherapy as an available psychotherapeutic treatment, and

(34) The Law of AttractionManifestation - Understanding How to Gain That Positive Attitude!

The law of attraction states, simply, that "like" attracts "like", or things (and people) which are similar attract those things (or people) which are similar to them; in other words, opposites repel, rather than attract. The law of manifestation, on the other hand, states that,

(35) Senegence CEO Speaks Words of Wisdom!

What are the issues that affect MY LEADERS (I am quite possessive of you, you know) and what topic do we need to 'get out into the open' and deal with so that we can together grow, build, and prosper?

(36) Reframing With NLP For Enhanced Happiness

Have you ever considered that the way in which you frame your life experiences has been a way in which orchestrated how your experience was? This article is all about how to use the notion of reframing for creating more and more well-being in life and gives practical tools that anyone can use today

(37) Harmonizing The Minds

There are several steps in the process of self-improvement and finding Inner peace and happiness described in this article. These steps may take some time to complete, and I intended to give you an idea of the path of personal growth that will work towards eliminating ignorance.

(38) Excelling at Original Oratory:An Advanced Guide

An overview of how to succeed in the Forensics event of Original Oratory.

(39) Herbalife Weight Loss Diet Product

Herbalife goods in many cases are vibrant products of which put into practice parts, commonly by simply genuine methods consequently you'll discover hardly any unwanted side effects. Exactly how before, just as every change for the duration of dishes practices there may be this transform cycle,

(40) Sodium Lauryl Sulphate - What is it?

What is Sodium Lauryl Sulphate? Sodium Lauryl Sulphate or SLS to put it simply, is a foaming agent. SLS is used in almost any cleaning or cleansing product that foams when it is used. Sodium Lauryl Sulphate is derived from coconut, but, unlike the claims of some unscrupulous companies that would hav

(41) How to Perform a Home Safety Inspection

Your home can end up with health and safety hazards over time. One way to help minimize those risks to your family is to perform a regular home safety inspection. A home safety inspection should cover both health and safety. Read on to learn how to perform a home safety inspection.

(42) Ogre Gods - Part 3 - The Trinity Ogre God

There are no contradictions in The Holy Scriptures, if you think there are, then you have been deceived into thinking there are by the hu-man beings of the Cainite-Judeo-Christian Religion; hu-man beings, who down through the ages and generations, have tampered with, polluted and corrupted God'

(43) The-Signs or symptoms-of-Crohn's

Crohn's ailment (also referred to as granulomatous, and colitis) is definitely an inflammatory sickness on the intestinal tract that may influence any component on the gastrointestinal tract

(44) Succeed By Eating Frogs - Success Tips From The Swamps Of Florida

Recently, Bear Grylls, the survival expert, was lowered into the Florida Everglades from a helicopter along with a knife, watch, water bottle, flint and the clothes on his back. His mission - to survive and get out!He landed up to his thighs in water and checked around him for signs of alligators. S

(45) Women EmpowermentFood Security in India

Gender issues are not the same as women's issues. Understanding gender means understanding the opportunities, constraints and the impacts of change as they affect both men and women.

(46) Strive For 5 For Fat Loss!

In order to lose body fat, take control of your body shape and get fitter, it's not just a case of ditching junk food and doing a little more exercise. Yes, implementing both of these strategies will help you make a good start, but in honesty, there are actually 5 elements that need to be addre

(47) What Not to Eat

Gluten occurs naturally in an unprocessed state in wheat, barley, rye, oats, spelt, triticale, and kamut. Ingredients and terms used: bran, bulgur wheat, couscous, durum flour, flour, rusk, semolina, wheat germ, wholewheat, modified starch, or starch. Malt, maltose, malt extract, malt syrup, and mal

(48) Precautions For Home About Teeth WhiteningTeeth Whitening Gel

Allwhite3000 - Teeth whitening specialists in the most advanced in instant zoom Teeth Whitening, Laser teeth whitening, Professional Teeth Whitening, Teeth whitening.

(49) 38 Ways to Get More Out of Yourself -Your Life

38 Tips for personal effectiveness based on the author's 38 years of life. Learn tips for increasing health, wealth, and happiness.

(50) Achieve Success - The 20 D's That Determine Your Success

The formula for achieving our goals and realizing our dreams is not difficult, nor is it a secret. It entails developing certain attributes and persisting in certain actions much more than it does acquiring specialized knowledge or developing specific talents.

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